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Alcohol is toxic

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New research shows 4/10 of North East drinkers have thought in the last 12 months about reducing the amount they drink.

  • 47% were motivated by a healthier lifestyle and 30% to prevent future health issues from alcohol
  • 39% were motivated by losing weight and 31% by saving money
  • 1 in 5 (19%) were motivated by improving mental health and 17% don't like the way alcohol makes them feel
  • 27% of people who drink admit they would love to be a non-drinker
  • 75% are confident they could cut alcohol out of their life if they had to
  • Only one in five (20%) say they wouldn't fit in if they didn't drink
  • 1 in 10 drinkers (9%) say they feel personally concerned for their health about how much they drink

Just like tobacco, alcohol is toxic. Just one or two drinks a day can increase the risk of cancer including bowel, breast, mouth and throat cancer.

The best way to reduce your risk is to cut down how much and how often you drink:

  • Drink no more than 14 units a week to stay "low risk" (about six glasses of wine, six double spirits or six pints of lager a week) spread out over several days.
  • Take at least three drink free days a week to give your body a break.

Alcohol is linked to more than 200 medical conditions including 7 types of cancer, liver disease, heart disease and stroke. It can worsen weight problems and worsen anxiety and depression.

Visit at to see how your drinks add up and find out about ways to cut down.

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