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April is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

bowel cancer

Bowel cancer, which includes colon and rectal cancer, is one of the most common cancers in the UK. It is mostly diagnosed in people over 60, but can be diagnosed in younger people. The bowel is part of the digestive system and is divided into the small and large bowel. Cancer can affect any area within the bowel.

Doctors do not know the exact causes of bowel cancer, but there are risk factors that can increases your chance of developing it:

  • Aged over 50
  • A strong family history of bowel cancer
  • A history of non-cancerous growths (polyps) in your bowel
  • Longstanding inflammatory bowel disease such as Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Being overweight
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Diet high in red meat and processed meat products

Somebody dies of bowel cancer every 30 minutes in the UK but nearly everyone diagnosed at the earliest stages will survive the disease.

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'I have to compliment everyone on their pleasant persona and their expertise and knowledge. By the end of the 5 days, I did not feel as though I had been in a hospital ward and was very relaxed.'

Patient, Ward 16 Orthopaedics, University Hospital of North Durham