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National Staff Survey 2016

The results of the national staff survey 2016 are publically available from today - 7 March 2017.

This year across County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust (CDDFT) only a sample of our workforce received the survey and out of the 1, 250 colleagues invited to complete questionnaires there was a low response rate of 38%.

The Trust values all staff feedback and the staff survey is just one of the vehicles we use to listen to colleagues and capture views. Therefore, the response information will feed into our continuous and wider work on staff engagement and development and while it is disappointing to see areas in which we have scored lower than in previous years, or than the national average, we know we already have work underway and plans in place to support improvements.

The survey identifies 32 key findings and across these key areas the Trust scored the same as the national average in 12 areas, lower than the national average in 11 areas and better than the national average across nine areas.

Some of the areas where the Trust scored lower than the national average, but where we have good work in progress include:

Quality of Appraisals - During 2016-17, we recorded our highest number of staff having appraisals and have been working with colleagues to refresh the appraisal process based on their feedback so that it will focus more on developing talent and engendering shared objectives at team/ward level.

Quality of non-mandatory training, learning or development - All learning and development training has been reviewed to ensure it is targeted at the right staff audience.  We have introduced training for staff leading training sessions including standardised lesson plans, course information, streamlining of mandatory training, better support for e-learning.

Recognition and value of staff by managers and the organisation - We launched a new 'excellence reporting' system for colleagues to highlight good service and practice from other colleagues and wider trust staff, and to date have received nearly 500 nominations. The Trust's annual staff awards continue to develop to be more inclusive and recognise and celebrate staff in their working environment.

Support from immediate managers - A leadership and management framework has been developed to ensure managers are effectively trained including rolling out of a Strategic Leadership Programme and management training for all line managers

Across the rest of the results, it was pleasing to note that colleagues scored the Trust higher than the national average in terms of providing equal opportunities for career progression / promotion and for the percentage of colleagues feeling discriminated against while at work. The Trust also scored better than the national average in areas including effective teamwork, and the percentage of staff experiencing harassment, bullying or abuse from staff in last 12 months.

When reflecting on the results, it is important to acknowledge the climate in which we are operating with increasing pressures on the system, a challenging financial environment and on-going discussions regarding the future configuration of services as part of the draft sustainability and transformation plans all of which may have influenced the responses provided.

The Trust is currently refreshing its people strategy underpinning the organisation's strategic aim to be a 'best employer' - to attract, support, engage and develop staff to provide

care they are proud of and which our patients deserve.  The action plans aligned to the delivery of this strategy are informed by feedback from colleagues and this year's survey results will support the further and continued development of these plans.

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'I cannot commend the clinic enough. It is marvellous we have this service at all and well done to you all.'

Patient, Coronary Heart Disease / Heart Failure Service, Shotley Bridge Community Hospital