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New entrance for A&E and Urgent Treatment Centre at Darlington Memorial Hospital.

Improvements have been made to the way emergency and urgent care is provided at Darlington Memorial Hospital, giving a more streamlined approach for patients, so they receive the right care from the right person as soon as possible.  Following a significant investment, a new entrance is for all patients other than those arriving by ambulance and there's a new, larger, reception area, where a senior clinician will stream patients as they arrive, to determine the most appropriate person to lead their care.

New ED Entrance

Kerry Dawson, general manager for acute & emergency care at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, said, "At the moment all patients enter through the entrance at the front of the hospital, next to the main entrance, but this will now only be used by those arriving by ambulance, who tend to be the most poorly and who can be prioritised, going straight into the Emergency Department.  Patients using the new entrance to our Urgent Treatment Centre will be seen by one of our senior nurses and streamed to the most appropriate area for the care they require in our new facilities which now include 11 treatment rooms and a large separate children's waiting area. 

"Of course, there will be people who don't arrive by ambulance but who we believe, following streaming, need to be seen by an Emergency Department doctor. As the two departments are co-located, we can ensure this happens as soon as possible and smoothly.

"Patients can also make appointments with the Urgent Treatment Centre, via the 111 service.  This removes some of the uncertainty for patients around when they will be seen.  With an appointment, they can also self-check in when they arrive - another time-saving new facility. 

"We're delighted with our new facilities and the benefits they will bring for patients but would like people to consider other treatment options before attending, including community pharmacists, their own GP and the 111 service.  That way, we can preserve emergency services for those who need them most."



Published 21 May 2018

'I have to compliment everyone on their pleasant persona and their expertise and knowledge. By the end of the 5 days, I did not feel as though I had been in a hospital ward and was very relaxed.'

Patient, Ward 16 Orthopaedics, University Hospital of North Durham