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New Stop Smoking Drop In Clinic in Darlington

County Durham and Darlington NHS Stop Smoking Service is launching a new drop in clinic at Crown Street Library in Darlington this week.

Smokers accessing the service are four times more likely to succeed in quitting. This was the case for Darlington resident, Lyn Fenton.

When Lyn Fenton's GP told her she was a heart attack waiting to happen, it was the wake up call she needed to give up smoking.  

Sixty six year old Lyn, from Darlington, had been smoking for 40 years when she visited her GP for a routine appointment last December.  

Lyn explains: "In December I went to my GP to have a blood test to check my thyroid gland but apart from that I had always considered myself healthy. However, at that appointment my GP told me that my cholesterol and blood pressure were high and that in fact I was a heart attack waiting to happen. This scared the living daylights out of me. I went away and really thought about it over Christmas and started trying one of those electric cigarettes and managed to cut down to five a day but couldn't give up totally.

"Then I saw an advert for the NHS  Stop Smoking Service and decided that I would try that. The day before I went to the first session, I cleared out all of the cigarettes from the house so I wouldn't be tempted.

"It was the 11th January when I went to the first session and met Pearl, the smoking advisor. She said I shouldn't try to give up cold turnkey and discussed different options to help me. I knew a friend who had tried the inhalator so I decided to go with that. It really is just a habit and trying to break that habit is difficult which I why I would recommend getting support. I felt that I needed help, I couldn't do it on my own and stick to it, I needed someone there.

"Pearl was lovely and very supportive, it wasn't just me on my own there was a package of help. Pearl was very supportive and using the service couldn't have been any easier I was worried what they would say if I slipped up but it didn't matter and I felt like I would be wasting their time but it wasn't like that at all, they were very friendly and supportive and understood how difficult giving up was."

County Durham and Darlington NHS Stop Smoking Service provides support and help across the county and also runs in Darlington Memorial Hospital and University Hospital of North Durham.

Pearl Wolstenholme, Smoking Advisor said: "Smoking is our biggest killer, claiming the lives of over 5,500 people in the North East each year. Seven out of ten smokers say they want to quit and we are here to help. Lyn is a great example of having the right help and support which gives you the best chance of giving up for good. We know that smokers accessing the service are four times more likely to succeed in quitting.

 "Lyn has done so well, she can be very proud of her achievement and will now see the health benefits from being able to give up. We know it is difficult and it is different for every person so we really work with individuals to see what will be best for them and how to provide the right support for that person."

The service is launching a new drop in clinic on Thursday 29 March. The clinic will run every Thursday at Crown Street Library, Darlington between 10am - 12pm.

Published: 26 March 2012

'The treatment I have received from all the staff has been excellent and could you extend my thanks to them all. A very thankful and relieved patient'.

Patient, Dermatology Outpatients Department, University Hospital of North Durham