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NHS Director of Nursing expresses gratitude in open letter to local schools

Noel thank you
Noel Scanlon, the Executive Director of Nursing at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust has written an open letter, on behalf of the hundreds of nurses, doctors and healthcare professionals working for the organisation, to express their thanks to local schools and teachers…
Dear Teachers and Support Staff,
I am writing on behalf of the NHS staff in County Durham & Darlington NHS Foundation Trust who wished us to formally express our gratitude to you for the support you have given to our staff and their children during the Covid-19 pandemic.
I am certain that school staff have stretched every fibre to ensure key workers can work in the knowledge that their children are in safe hands, thriving and learning despite the distractions their families and our country currently faces.
I know that there are many teachers and support staff who have been an inspiration this year in terms of the pastoral care they have been providing for children. Many of you have continually gone above and beyond the expectations of parents and have never failed to put our children first.
My NHS colleagues, and those key workers from partner organisations, have shared heart-warming experiences of the innovative activities and ways you have all been supporting our young ones.
And of course, many of you have also been ensuring that parents are comfortable in delivering lessons at home when possible by promptly and efficiently responding to communication whilst our staff are under incredible pressures delivering health care in our hospitals and local communities.
I would therefore like to convey a profound sense of gratitude to all the teachers and support staff who have made a huge difference in enabling the NHS front line staff to care for the very sick patients we have received over these last five months.
Schools have really understood the needs of key workers and demonstrated great flexibility in responding to my staff's families' needs and individual circumstances.   These parents would not have been able to dedicate their time to our work in the hospitals if it hadn't been for the first class service that nurseries, schools and colleges have delivered.
We are all living in a time of unprecedented challenge - personally, professionally and in our society as a whole and therefore I thought it appropriate to write to you this open letter to thank you all in recognition of just how much we as a Trust value the contribution you and your school have provided.
Noel Scanlon
Published 16th July 2020

'In recent times, I have utilised admissions to Richardson for respite direct from my fracture clinic, even at weekends. I have never worked anywhere with this efficiency before - it is reassuring and invaluable for the patient.'

Patient, Lowson / Starling Wards, Richardson Hospital