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IBD research


Our department is actively involved in recruiting eligible patients to clinical trials and research studies. This allows us to offer newer treatments to patients through these clinical trials.

This page will try and keep you up to date with any IBD research trials that County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust is taking part in. We will also try and comment on any IBD research that makes the national media, so if you hear about anything please let us know.

At the moment, we are participating in the following IBD trials:



Enhanced Neoplasia Detection and Cancer prevention in Chronic Colitis (Endcap-C).  A multicentred  Accuracy  study,  primary objectives to prospectively evaluate the ability of the methylation assay to detect pre- cancerous lesions (dysplasia) missed by histology within a surveillance programme for colitis associated neoplasia (can)

PI:  Dr Anjan Dhar 01388-455170

Research Nurses:  Adele Marshall, Tanya Coatsworth, Helen Haley  01325-743737



Personalised Anti TNF Therapy in chrons disease (PANTS). Investigation of the Clinical, serological and genetic factors that determine primary non response, loss of response and adverse drug reactions to anti TNF drugs in patients with active luminal chrons disease.


What happens to people when they are given inflixamumab or adalimumab for longer than 54 weeks.


PI: Dr Anjan Dhar 01388-455170

Resarch Nurses: Adele Marshall, Tanya Coatsworth 01325-743737

Shelley Wood.: UHND. 0191-333251



Open label, randomized, multicentre trial. Comparing three strategies of maintenance therapy in patients in substained remission without steroids for at least 6 months and having being treated by a combination of anti metabolites and infliximab for at least 1 year.

Pi: Dr Anjan Dhar  01388-455170

Research Nurses:  Adele Marshall, Tanya Coatsworth 01325-743737

Linda Crissop:  IBD Specialist Nurse 01325 743434





'The treatment I have received from all the staff has been excellent and could you extend my thanks to them all. A very thankful and relieved patient'.

Patient, Dermatology Outpatients Department, University Hospital of North Durham