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Section 3- What can I expect from Therapy?

What can I expect from the initial appointment?

The initial appointment will be informal. The Speech and Language Therapist will take a case history which will include information such as how long you have been stammering and what impact stammering has on your life. They will also ask what your hopes are for therapy, as well as providing you with realistic expectations of therapy, and more information about stammering and the support available. The therapist will work with you to set some preliminary goals for therapy and to obtain some pre-therapy outcomes measures.

You will not be asked to read aloud or be formally assessed.

Please feel free to bring a friend or family member with you if you wish.


There are 3 Highly Specialist Speech and Language Therapists in County Durham and Darlington Foundation Trust who specialise in stammering.

What can I expect from therapy?

There are different therapies available, and the therapist may use multiple techniques in sessions with you.  The therapies available are outlined in the diagram below but this is not a comprehensive list.

 Therapy Techniques

1) Stammer more fluently - these techniques aim to modify your stammer so that you stammer more easily and less struggle.  To read more about these techniques click here

2) Speak more fluently - these techniques aim to increase the fluency of your speech.  To read more about these techniques click here

3) Behavioural approaches - these techniques aim to help you change unhelpful ways to coping with your stammer and experiment with new ways such as reducing avoidances.   To read more about these techniques click here

4) Psychological flexibility approaches - these techniques aim to reduce your negative feelings about stammering, develop more confidence and acceptance of your stammer.  To read more about these techniques click here

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