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Physical Activity

Physical activity and cancer

Being more active is a positive change when you are living with or after cancer. It is safe for you to be active before, during and after treatment. Being active has many benefits when you have cancer. It can:

* Reduce tiredness (fatigue)

* Reduce anxiety and depression

* Help you keep to a healthy weight

* Strengthen your muscles

* Improve bone health

* Improve your flexibility and ability to stretch

* Improve balance.

Being physically active can mean doing simple, daily activities, such as housework, gardening or walking to the shops. But it can also mean exercising more energetically, for example dancing, running or cycling.

The type of exercise you do will depend on what stage you are at with cancer treatment. It will also depend on which activities you enjoy. Your level of fitness will also affect the amount of activity you can do.

You might be nervous about starting a physical activity plan, especially if you were not very active before your cancer treatment. You may worry that you are too tired or that you might injure yourself. But research shows that even a little activity is better than no activity at all. As you start to feel more confident, you can slowly build up the amount of physical activity you do.

The Wellbeing for Life team have developed a selection of easy to follow workouts you can do at home. Click here to access them.

We Are Undefeatable - Being Active with Health Condition

When you're managing a health condition at the current time, being active is about finding what works for you, as well as what's in keeping with the latest health advice. This can include ways to move that many people don't realise count.

Visit for ideas on how you can be more active.

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