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What to Expect at Clinic

Each child/young person with Diabetes will be offered a minimum of 4 clinic appointments each year. These appointments include seeing the Doctor, Nurse, Dietitian and Clinical Psychologist; all within the same appointment known as a multidisciplinary team or MDT. When attending an MDT clinic the team may all be in the same clinic room, or spread across a couple of clinic rooms which you may be asked to move between within your appointment.

These appointments are usually offered at Chester le Street Hospital, Darlington Memorial Hospital and Bishop Auckland General Hospital, and typically last anything between 60 and 90 minutes.

When your child/young person attends a MDT clinic they will usually be weighed and have their height measured, along with taking a blood sample so they can check your HbA1c (haemoglobin) which is an indicator of how well managed your blood glucose has been over the last 10-12 weeks. These measurements are usually taken by a Healthcare Assistant and the results interpreted by the Doctor, Nurse or Dietitian.

In addition to the MDT clinic's you may be contacted by the team for check-ups, advice and support, school visits or other reasons such as if you have a high HbA1c. Extra appointments generally last 30-60 minutes and may be with any one of the team. The team may recommend support from the clinical psychologist if appropriate.

We aim to keep the professionals you see as consistent as possible so you can build a relationship with the team. Each healthcare professional plays an important role within your child's Diabetes care;

Doctor or Consultant: It's important for a Doctor or Consultant to be involved in your diabetes care to ensure we're supporting you to manage your diabetes and overall health, including helping you to reduce your risks of developing complications.

Paediatric Diabetes Specialist Nurse (PDSN): These Nurses have specialist knowledge of diabetes; they offer advice and support around managing your blood sugar, adjusting your medications and general diabetes care.

Specialist Paediatric Diabetes Dietitian: The Dietitians in our team are experts in food and can help you understand how what you eat effects your diabetes.

Clinical Psychologist: Speaking to a Psychologist within our team can help with your emotional wellbeing. We know that living with diabetes can be difficult for both the child/young person and family, they can help talk through things with you.

During clinic appointments the team may refer to The Ormskirk Model, which can be used as a visual prompt for patients and their families to encourage reflection and focus on strengths. It also helps our team to understand what is important to you.

Ormskirk Model

  • Paediatric Diabetes Team

'I cannot commend the clinic enough. It is marvellous we have this service at all and well done to you all.'

Patient, Coronary Heart Disease / Heart Failure Service, Shotley Bridge Community Hospital